Modern organizations need to be agile, lean and adaptive.

Hundreds of companies are running successful projects on Goshido today. Our customers range from blue-chip multinationals to small businesses all around the world.

What’s Different About Goshido?

Most project management software focuses on planning. Goshido helps your team to focus on execution – running the project.

Goshido works for projects of any size, whether you have hundreds of people working on one large project, or a small team working on hundreds of informal projects.

Goshido is more than just software

We offer training, consulting & support through an international network of partners. Your team will:

  • Learn new ways to work (Agile, Lean, GTD and Pomodoro)
  • Get your existing projects up and running in Goshido

Next Steps

  • Contact us to arrange a meeting. We’d love to understand the challenges in your business.
  • Try Goshido today at no cost.