Don’t be fooled by all of the project-management-collaboration-social business-tools out there vying for your attention. They all have one thing in common – they don’t adapt to how you and your team do your work. Read more about the problems with each of these kinds of tools.

When was the last time a project went exactly to plan? You need a product that is flexible enough to handle whatever a project throws at you. Goshido allows you to work together better.

Online Task Lists – Goshido Scales

Simple online task lists and project management systems hit limitations even for small teams. Goshido scales to handle massive projects and many small informal projects. more…

Project Management and Domain Workflow – Goshido Unites Action

When tools are complex and specialized you won’t get broad adoption across the organization. Goshido is simple enough for everyone on a multi-disciplinary team to use. more…

Email & Enterprise Social – Goshido gets things done

Enterprise social platforms make it easier to share information, but don’t help people do their day to day jobs. People need to orchestrate action not just share status and write internal blog posts.

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