We are based in Ireland (Limerick & Cork) and the USA (Boston). We provide simple & powerful solutions that make it easier for people to work together.

Our software helps teams to execute projects – to keep all the moving parts moving. Today, hundreds of teams all over the world are using Goshido to get work done. These companies range in size from global multinationals to two-person iPhone game developers.

The nature of work has changed. Goshido can help you keep pace with that change. When everyone on your team is focussed on doing the things that matter, work flows and you can accomplish the extraordinary.

The Team

Tom Brennan

Tom Brennan – CEO

Tom is one of a handful of senior executives who can boast of over a decade’s experience running SaaS businesses. Based in Boston USA, Tom is building a strong sales and marketing team and providing global leadership for the company. Before joining the company, Tom co-founded and served as CFO and Vice President of Strategic Alliances at OpenAir, a pioneering SaaS provider.

At OpenAir, he helped build a company dedicated to the success of its customers. Tom led OpenAir through three rounds of financing and its sale to NetSuite (NYSE: N) in June of 2008.

When not at the office, Tom can be found on the playing fields and basketball courts with his three children. He also spends time at his alma mater, Holy Cross, where he works with current students through the College’s Ciocca Office of Entrepreneurial Studies. Tom received his BA in economics from Holy Cross, and an MBA from Duke (Fuqua).

Ger Hartnett

Gerard Hartnett – CTO

Ger has over 20 years of software development experience in a range of companies from start-ups to multinational corporations. He has 12 years experience in applying agile techniques to managing teams. Before founding Goshido he worked for Intel. He was software architect on Tolapai, Intel’s first system-on-a-chip (SoC) in 20 years. He performed a similar role on the development of the hugely successful IXP425 processor when he managed the multinational software team (30+ engineers). He co-authored a book on embedded networking, which was published by Intel Press. 

He joined Intel when the start-up company Basis Communications was acquired in 2000. Prior to Basis, he worked for Tellabs, Digital Equipment Corporation, Motorola and QC-Data.

He has a B.Eng (Electronics) from University of Limerick, Ireland and an M.Sc. (Computer Science) from University College Cork, Ireland.

Donal Quirke

Donal Quirke – Software Engineering

After working for several years in software development for multinationals General Electric and IATA, Donal decided to take time out for other pursuits. He qualified as a yoga teacher, studied Buddhist meditation and opened a retail business promoting fair-trade and ethically sourced products. During this time also he spent a year traveling on the world poker tour as part of the support team of a professional poker player.

When not developing software in the office, he volunteers as a support teacher at the Sunyata mindfulness center of Ireland, and teaching mindfulness meditation at a local cancer support center.

Donal has a BSc. in Business Information Technology and a BA. in Psychology.


  • The company was started by Gerard Hartnett in May 2008. Ger was a software architect in Intel working on very large projects. Ger’s teams had tried many collaboration and project management systems and always drifted back to email & spreadsheets.
  • One morning, Ger arrived to find 253 emails in his inbox. It took him two hours to cut his way through all the noise to focus on the one project that mattered. That’s when he decided to start a company to solve a problem which ultimately affects every business.
  • Email is really just a symptom of the problem. People are juggling too many tasks. The methods and tools we use are adding to the stress.
  • We built an early prototype called coClarity and within months five companies were using it to collaborate and run projects.
  • In mid-2009 Conor Wade, joined as designer and software developer. We combined all of the learnings from early beta customers to build a new version called Goshido – a Japanese word for guidance. This reflects our belief that you can’t bully smart people – projects and work interactions need more guidance than control.
  • In late-2009, Frank Hannigan – a serial entrepreneur, became executive chairman. We won a national award in the Intertrade Ireland Seedcorn competition. We were nominated for an Irish Software Association award. We participated in the first iGap. By this time over 50 businesses were using the product.
  • In early 2010, with the global recession in full swing, we started raising funds from private investors. Frank started a campaign using LinkedIn and in a hectic 8-day period we raised $230,000. The Irish Times published a story, which snowballed with an article on businessinsider.com. Dave McClure and Jeff Weiner mentioned it on Twitter. In two days, 115 companies signed up for the beta trial.
  • In mid-2010, we completed a seed funding round of $625,000 from angel investors in Ireland, the UK and the USA. This included a substantial investment (and due diligence) from Enterprise Ireland under their High Potential Start Up program (HPSU). Donal Quirke, a software developer, yoga teacher and psychologist joined the team…
  • In November 2010, Tom Brennan joined Goshido as CEO. Tom is one of a handful of senior executives who can boast of over a decade’s experience running SaaS businesses. Based in Boston, Tom will be building a strong sales and marketing team and providing global leadership for the company. The Wall Street Journal published a story about us.

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