Project Collaboration Roundup: structured fighting, project timebombs, productivity guidelines & Enterprise 2.0

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We know that it’s hard to stay on top of all of your activities. That said, it’s rare that we think of our projects as ticking time bombs. This week we have some useful rules and advice about productivity, and lots of good thinking on collaboration and new ways of working socially.

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Clay Shirky on collaboration: structured fighting

In a story by Joe Brockmeier posted on ReadWriteWeb, a talk by the always thought-provoking Clay Shirky hits on some important points, and an interesting metaphor. As we like to preach here at Goshido, large projects are really made up of lots of small projects, and lots of actions.

Are your projects out of control?

First, the bad news. According to a study conducted by Professor Bent Flyvbjerg, BT Professor and Founding Chair of Major Programme Management at the University of Oxford one in six projects are “out of control.” Late, over budget, and out of control is no way to go through life. When I saw the phrase “ticking time bomb,” I certainly took notice.

Perhaps some rules for productivity would help?

A presentation from Dan at Lostgarden covers eight common workplace topics and how you should approach them. It’s important to remember that productivity is more than just more units produced per unit worked, and the pdf or powerpoint (take your pick) provides some strong guidance.

The Big Failure of Enterprise 2.0 Social Business – by Laurie Buczek

And ideas about how to fix it from the trenches. Three key takeaways:

  • Focus on creating a natural collaborative experience
  • Focus on providing an easy & intuitive user experience
  • Focus on dissolving collaborative islands- don’t create more with social tools

Thank you for reading

We hope you found something useful. Please try Goshido, our collaboration & project management platform. Goshido can help you and your teams to take action in the absence of orders and communicate with clarity.

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