Slides from Agile Tour 2011 – Principles of Scrum

Posted on 07. Nov, 2011 by ger in Events, New Ways to Work

A couple of weeks ago I spoke at AgileTour Dublin 2011. AgileTour aims to communicate the benefits of Agile for businesses and create leaders in Agile in all regions of the world.

I spoke about getting started and improving your organization using Scrum. You can get my slides from our website.

Other speakers included Colm O’hEocha from AgileInnovation, Fran O’Hara from Inspire Quality Services, Robert McGarry from Ignition Team, Richard Bowden from Cloud Consulting, and Alan Spencer from D&B. You’ll find details of the other talks on the Agile Tour website. Alan was speaking at the same time as me, so I missed his talk. From his slides it looks like he was discussing the benefits of Agile for business in general, a subject that’s close to our hearts too.

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